Protect your valuable device

We all know of these moments were a telephone or GPS got damaged by water. Luckily this no longer has to happen.

Our waterproof bag is the ideal solution to protect any handheld electronic device against dust and water. It is small, extremely light and very easy to pack and take along.

You can use it for your telephone, small-sized tablet, radio, GPS or navigation system. Once properly inserted in our waterproof bag your device will be protected against dust and splashes of water. It may even be shortly submerged.

And best of all, you will still be able to operate it - even when it is in the waterproof bag.

Use it while protected

What makes our waterproofbag so special is that you may still be using your device whilst in the bag.

The waterproof bag has a transparent front and back. Depending on your device you may still be able to operate certain functions of your device, even the touch screen. For example you may be able to send and receive text messages or make photo’s.

For telephone & tablet

Our waterproof bag is available in four different sizes. So there will always be a bag that is suited for your specific situation. Our biggest waterproof bag can handle a tablet up to a size of nearly 30 x 20 cm.

Our product has been designed to protect some of the best quality telephones and tablets produced today.

Colours & Accessories

The waterproof bag is available in multiple colours. The available colours may vary depending on your country.

Each waterproof bag comes in a carton box with an instruction note, a sealing slider, a bracket and a carrying strap.


Extremely easy to use

Simply open the waterproof bag and insert your device. Then close the bag and seal it by swiping the slider over the sealing strip. Mount the bracket over the seal and optionally attach the carrying strap. Always check that you have closed the seal properly and that you have not damaged or punctured the bag.

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All you need to know about the waterproof bag you will find in our support section.